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  DistroWatch + TuxReports October 1, 2002

The Linux columns


A month with Mandrake 8.2

Laurence Hunter
My experience of Mandrake's latest distribution, over the last month. more...


Mandrake Linux 8.2 review

Peter Smart
Trials and tribulations with Mandrake's latest offering. more...


Setting-up a secure dual-boot system - part 3

Bill Turner
The third and final installment, on simple steps toward securing your dual-boot Windows-Linux machine. more...


Linux Java intro

Stewart Hepburn
Getting started programming Java in Linux is remarkably simple. Here's how. more...


Past columns



  • Peanut Linux 9.2 review, and more
    What do I think of the latest version of Peanut Linux? What software does it include? How does it compare to the other lightweight distributions, Vector Linux and CRUX? And more...
  • Playing DVDs in Linux with Xine 0.98
    Playing DVDs in Linux is a relatively straight-forward task, thanks to the superb Xine player. It can do more than play DVDs, like play MPEG-1 and 2 video, VCD, SVCD, and AVI, but clearly of interest to most is DVD playback.
  • CRUX Linux 0.9.2 review
    Recently I gave a favourable review of the lightweight, i686-optimised Linux distribution, CRUX 0.9.1. I also mentioned that CRUX 0.9.2 was to be released before the end of January, 0.9.1 having been released on October 3rd. On the 20th January to my joy, the 0.9.2 ISO was released.
  • The CRUX Linux 0.9.1 experience
    I download and burn my first ISO, and try devfs and reiserfs for the first time, with this lightweight i686-optimised Linux distribution. Welcome to the CRUX experience.
  • Linux From Scratch
    I wanted something to do on Christmas eve and Christmas day so what better I thought, than to build my own Linux distribution!
  • Digital photo manipulation
    What Microsoft and Adobe would prefer you didn't know.
  • The quick GnuPG guide
    In my last column I dealt with PGP. This time it's the open, patent-free alternative, GnuPG's turn.
  • Email privacy in Linux, with PGP
    Learn how easy it can be to get to grips with PGP in Linux, to obtain the privacy you're entitled to.
  • Red Hat Linux 7.2 review
    A look at Red Hat's latest Linux distribution.


  • Standards!!
    Peter and his quirky (eccentric, ala geek) logic, do deathmatch with standards fanatics.
  • The new trouble with crypto
    A straight-talking, no-nonsense view on the current hysteria surrounding cryptography.

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