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10 Best Linux VR Games

10 Best Linux VR Games

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has seen significant growth and innovation over the past few years, and Linux has not been left behind. Thanks to advancements in software like Valve's Proton and SteamVR, Linux users can now enjoy a variety of VR games. 

How Do We Choose the Best VR Linux Games.

We have strict requirements when it comes to recommending VR games. Usually, it is a combination of positive reviews, community perception (from Reddit and forums), and mentions in major VR media, such as VR Today Magazine.

1. Half-Life: Alyx


Half-Life: Alyx is a flagship VR game from Valve, set in the beloved Half-Life universe. It offers an immersive first-person shooter experience with a strong narrative and innovative gameplay mechanics.

The game features a compelling story that keeps players engaged from start to finish. Players can interact with the environment in unique ways, using VR to solve puzzles and combat enemies. The game boasts stunning visuals that enhance the immersive experience.


2. No Man's Sky


No Man's Sky is an expansive space exploration game that has been fully optimized for VR. Players can explore procedurally generated galaxies, build bases, and engage in space combat.

The game offers a virtually infinite universe to explore, with diverse planets and ecosystems.Players can construct and customize their own bases on different planets.The game supports multiplayer, allowing players to explore and build together.


3. Superhot VR


Superhot VR is a unique first-person shooter where time moves only when you move. This mechanic creates a strategic and intense gameplay experience that is perfect for VR.

The game's core mechanic adds a layer of strategy, as players must carefully plan their movements. 

The game's clean, minimalist graphics make it easy to focus on the action.Players must navigate through increasingly difficult levels, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking.


4. Beat Saber


Beat Saber is a rhythm-based VR game where players slash through blocks representing musical beats with lightsabers. It combines music, movement, and precision in a highly addictive gameplay loop.



Players must slash blocks in time with the music, creating a satisfying rhythm experience.

The game also supports custom songs, allowing players to expand their music library. The game's physical nature makes it a fun way to get some exercise.


5. Boneworks


Boneworks is a physics-driven VR adventure game that offers a high level of interactivity and realism. Players can manipulate objects, solve puzzles, and engage in combat in a highly immersive environment.

The game's advanced physics engine allows for realistic interactions with the environment.Players must use their wits to solve complex puzzles and progress through the game. The game features a variety of weapons and combat scenarios, adding to the excitement.


6. Pistol Whip


Pistol Whip is a rhythm-based shooter that combines fast-paced action with a pulsating soundtrack. Players must shoot enemies in time with the music, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

The game blends shooting mechanics with rhythm gameplay, requiring players to stay in sync with the music while the game's vibrant, stylized visuals enhance the overall experience.

For those looking for a challenge, the endless mode offers continuous waves of enemies.


7. The Invisible Hours


The Invisible Hours is a narrative-driven VR game that plays out like an immersive theater experience. Players explore a mansion and uncover a complex murder mystery by observing the interactions of various characters.

The game's narrative unfolds through environmental storytelling and character interactions.Players can freely explore the mansion, discovering clues and piecing together the mystery.The game allows players to follow different characters, providing a unique perspective on the story.


8. Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope


Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope is an action-packed shooter that brings the classic Serious Sam gameplay to VR. Players must fend off hordes of enemies using a variety of weapons in intense combat scenarios.


The game offers non-stop action with waves of enemies to defeat. Players can use a wide range of weapons, each with unique characteristics.The game supports cooperative play, allowing players to team up and tackle the challenges together.


9. Hyperbolica


Hyperbolica is a whimsical adventure game set in a non-Euclidean world. Players navigate through mind-bending environments filled with puzzles, mazes, and secrets.

The game's non-Euclidean geometry creates surreal and fascinating worlds to explore. Players must solve a variety of puzzles to progress through the game.The game encourages exploration, with hidden secrets and challenges to discover.


10. Rumble


Rumble is a VR fighting game where players use martial arts-inspired movements to control the earth around them. The game offers intense 1-on-1 duels and a unique combat system.

Players perform specific movements to control the environment and attack opponents.The game features intense 1-on-1 combat scenarios.Mastery of the game's mechanics requires practice and skill, making it rewarding for dedicated players.

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